In January of 2012, I put together a monograph of my 5 year old son's sculptures & assemblages entitled OBJECTS - Solomon Branch Bent. The sculptures pictured have been collected and photographed over the past couple years on pitch black backgrounds to elevate their specialness. After a time of photographing mythological tableaus with my family in costumes and in contrived settings, my son’s sculptures seemed to naturally depict their own mythos. The book loosely charts 3 sections of work made with scotch tape, framer's tape and duct tape.

When showing it to people they are curious about his 'intentions' or state of mind. One friend said the works reminded him of personal totems or fetishes used by practitioners of Vodun as well as the objets trouves movement. He was curious about what was going through his mind when creating the stuff.

After I received that note, I asked Solly what the works were or what they were about. For each one he would give answers that ranged from an imaginative tool that would start fires to elaborate games. If he had no distinct purpose in mind he would get uncomfortable, shake his head and say that it was just ‘art’, a ‘cool thing’ or ‘something he made’.