Fort Branch

press release:

Zack Bent’s new mixed-media installation at Vermillion Art Gallery, Fort Branch, continues the tradition of his previous series at Gallery 4Culture, Buffalo Trace, where he and his family collaborated as a tribe of scouts.

“In this series,” Zack says, “many of the works walk the line between play and catastrophe in the face of an unwieldy natural order. The exhibit is filled with a series of artifacts, including a full-scale dilapidated Lincoln Log cabin, drawing on the nearly 100-year-old toy designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John during the Progressive Era. The toy’s early packaging described the contents as ‘interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America.’ Also among the works are a mummy bag sarcophagus, a flag-burying kit and a selection of photographic documents and occurrences.”

This project was made possible through the generous support of 4Culture and the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.


Dwelling in Tents canvas tent, wood, 2010